Adoption Stories 

Zebedee, formally Django

Zebedee, was a former stray cat who went through quite the ordeal. He was rescued by Paula’s Cat Rescue and when he first came in, one of his legs was completely deformed.  Since then, he has had his leg amputated to give him the best chance of a wonderful life. As you can see, he is living quite the dream life now with his new ginger friend! We love sharing happy stories and Zebedee is certainly one that will always stay with us

Vinny, from being alone to finding a home!

Vinny was rescued by a very kind lady, after building a lovely bond between them. We believe he was a stray for a long time, since at least 2021. As you can imagine, he didn’t come to us in great shape and he even has a cauliflower ear, which we think makes him extra gorgeous. For months, our dedicated volunteers worked hard to improve his health and confidence. We’re ecstatic to share he is now in his forever home, with his very own catio! We have been very sad to see him go, but we couldn’t be happier for him.