Paula received a lovely update from Bambi’s new owners

We can’t thank you enough for introducing us to Bambi, the 10 month old female kitten, your recommendation that Bambi would suit my family, was without doubt, perfect advice.

The first evening with Bambi we planned to confine her to the kitchen area, close to everything she needed. That plan very quickly went off plan, she escaped and started exploring the whole house, she seemed especially fascinated with the stairs, bouncing up and down them repeatedly for the first few hours, oblivious to our requests for cuddles.

Over the next few days she became more and more confident and used to the family, she loves to play with anyone that will play with her, of which there is no shortage and every now and then she loves a good cuddle and rub.

My wife and I have had many cats over the years and all have had very different personalities, Bambi is no exception, or perhaps she is the exception, she has never used her claws, she is so gentle with us and furniture, even during boisterous play as we tickle her, not a single scratch. We have also had no little accidents, something which we were fully prepared for, you must have already trained her well.

In short, Bambi is wonderful, a real ambassador for Paula’s Cat Rescue, we can’t thank you enough for allowing us to adopt her.

Most sincerely and forever thankful
Bambi’s new family?