1st October 2018

Hi Everyone, my name is Martha and I’m about five months old.

When I was very little I was handed in at the vets as a found kitten. I don’t remember much about those early weeks but I do remember Paula, my foster mum, taking me into her home and giving me lots of love and cuddles.

Paula soon became concerned that I seemed to have a noticeable wobble and sniffed the ground a lot so she took me to see my favourite vet, Dan, at Vets4Pets who confirmed that I had neurological problems. Later on it was also discovered that I was deaf and had limited sight.

Luckily for me though, as I have special needs, Paula decided that she would adopt me herself which meant that I can live with Paula and Len (my dad) FOREVER!

Paula’s other family cats readily accepted me (I really am no trouble) and the youngest one, Lacey, became my friend and looks after me and I love our fun playtimes together.

Some days I’m quite wobbly though and like to sleep a lot but other days I have lots of energy and like to race around the house and explore my garden now that I’ve worked out how to use the cat flap, which was great fun. I don’t go outside the garden though as the fences are too high for me to climb because of my disabilities. Paula thinks this is just as well.

Sometimes I like to hide and Paula has trouble finding me as she can’t call me because I couldn’t hear her if she did. It seems to me though that this appears to be a problem with others in my cat family who also don’t seem to hear Paula when she calls them sometimes!

Since I’ve been living with Paula I’ve been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. It didn’t hurt, really, and everyone at Vets4Pets was very kind to me whilst I was there. Apparently everyone loves me because I’m so friendly and sweet natured (although I can be cheeky and mischievous at times too).

So I’ve been given the honour of becoming the MASCOT for Paula’s Cat Rescue. Wow! That’s brilliant but I promise not to get too big headed about it.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading my story. Please visit again for my regular updates
and more photos of course.



May 2019

Martha’s Story, in Paula’s words❤

Martha came to me as a 10 week old kitten. She was handed in to a vet as being found.
I brought her home to care for the required 2 weeks in case an owner was looking for her.
Although bright and healthy looking it soon became obvious that all was not right.
Martha was displaying neurological problems. Her gait was wobbly and her head had a tilt . She would sniff the floor a lot and go round in circles.
However she was bright and happy and loved to play. She was a poppet!

After a few days here I noticed she did not react to sound. Martha was deaf.
After a thorough veterinary examination by Dan from Vets 4 Pets Holes Bay, she was pronounced fit but with problems. I had also by this time thought there was a problem with her sight and this was confirmed. Martha had no peripheral vision.
I decided to adopt her myself as we could not predict how her problems would affect her in the future.
Martha loved life and seemed to know it would be short as she packed so much into it and loved every second.
Everyone loved Martha humans and cats alike.
Lacey my fluffy girl nursed her out of trouble on numerous occasions.
We could not get her attention as she was deaf but if I couldn’t see her in the garden Lacey would find her and guide her back. When Martha climbed to the top of our cat tower and couldn’t get down, Lacey sat on a lower shelf and called to her. She then gave her a well done wash!
Martha loved being part of life in our busy kitchen and always wanted to be part of washing up. She loved water and would turn the tap on and put her head under.
Martha loved to play in the wash up bowl and would sleep under it!
When not getting enough attention she would pull out the strainer with a nail wave it around and launch it across the room!
Everything had to be thrown on the floor especially her Dreamies treat mouse. She quickly discovered that if you did that its head would fall off and they all fell out, result!?
Her wobbles had reduced but so had her sight, she appeared to have tunnel vision. She couldn’t focus on large things like people close up but could spot something small at the bottom of the garden.

Martha slept a lot and very deeply and her sleeps had become longer
I think her sight was also weakening.
Then one Sunday after a really deep sleep she got up and went into the garden.
A short time later I found her laid on the floor in the kitchen unconscious.
A rush to the vet for emergency proved fruitless. Despite every ones first class care it wasn’t  to be.

Martha was our mascot our friend and our joy?
We all miss her so much… When you take on a special needs animal you know it may not be for long. She lived her life to the full and we loved every minute of her being with her
We would do it all again in a heart beat?????

That’s all. Thank you for reading my story.