This year has been a strange unsettling year for everyone except the cats

Life for the cats in care went on as normal.

They were waited on and pampered as usual.

We had to follow the guide lines to rehome them and much to my initial reluctance it worked surprisingly well

 As usual we have had our mix of characters

One was the adorable Nancy , a sweet little black Persian type. She was totally matted and had to be shaved. Before her haircut she weighed in at a tiny 2.8kg but afterwards she had shrunk to  1.5 kg

 She has found a perfect home where she is much loved by Tessa and her family

We cared for two delightful cats Harry and Scholes who had been made homeless by a house fire just before Christmas

Once the house had been repaired they were able to return to their loving family

Then there was Taz a lovely tabby who was found starving and sick. After weeks of care he was happily reunited with his very happy Mandy who had lost him 13 years ago!

Harris was brought to us in agony with a very painful leg which we initially thought must be broken

He was covered in ticks and very thin

His leg turned out not to be broken 

Our wonderful Vets for pets at Holes bay gave him pain relief pain and regular check ups. We gave him lots of good food and rest and he was found his perfect home with Emma


We have also had in our care a 24yr un neutered male who had been fathering kittens and moving around a neighbourhood  to different kind people who gave him food

After becoming unwell he came into our care and was neutered. What an amazing character he is. He is now living with Karen one of his carers enjoying a warm and safe retirement

Timmy came into our care from our vet . He had been taken in as a stray

He had an enormous hole in his face where an abscess had been

Dan the vet did an amazing job and Timmy went back almost daily for his dressing to be changed

After a month of tlc he was homed to a lovely couple in West Moors and has settled down well

We have had so many amazing cats here this year and met some wonderful people who have adopted them

We have been overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and kindness

A big thank you to you all from all our wonderful volunteers and of course the cats

 Things can only get better this year