The results of the photo competition for the 2021 calendar are in!

After much deliberation (and sometimes heated debate!), 12 cats have been chosen to be the main feature each month in our 2021 calendar.

It was an almost impossible task as we at Paula’s Cat Rescue think all our rescue cats are beautiful and all the photos have the ‘aaah’ factor! Therefore all the cats that entered will feature somewhere in the calendar.

Thank you to everyone who participated, It was great for us to look back and reminisce about the lovely felines that have passed through our care.

Our 12 featured cats in no particular order are listed below.

Honey – Julie Mackay

Jasper & Jenny – Holly Chivers

Bobby – Sue Rutherford

Missy – Amy Womble

Max – Cheryl E Fisher

Teddy & Teddy – Karen Harris

Elsie – Riette Hodson

Obi – Christine Mainstone

Arthur – Joanne Keca

Hector – Tracey Williamson

Hugo – Amanda Walker

Luna – Corrine Pickering